Trix, A King Among The Good Looking, A god Among Men.
Okay I'm realy Just Joking About That...

Me putting on my socks on Kauai.

On the deck of resturuant on Kauai. I look full huh? 2 Ahi Steaks can do that...

Me messing with some baby Racoons. (don't ask)

Me in Yoesmite nation forest. I'm looking up cuz there were huge rocky cliffs.

Me Blasting Rage Against The Machine in a Ford Ranger truck.

Me in a battle with thor, Asgardian God of thunder and lightining.

Me at an Offspring concert in Sand Diego... Where's Trixo?


Okay maybe I'll post more latter.

Oh I will find some pics of me without a hat on soon... I don't wear 'em anymore =)